Wow, Another GREAT TIME at Knoebels Amusement Resort!
This was our second time at Knoebels this year. 
Pictures from our July show are HERE!

Great Food, Fun Rides, and a Beautiful "Lucky Afternoon!"
Click HERE for the "Official" Lucky Afternoon Band 2017 video release from our shows at Knoebels Amusement Resort

1st Show

2nd Show
First off, we thank Knoebels' management for having again this year... AND THANK YOU to all of our friends, family, fans, and followers...YOU make it happen!
Below is the abbreviated version of our SECOND 2017 Knoebels' appearance!

We're here!!

Security escort w/o golf cart??

Another beautiful day to setup and perform!

A loving reminder of our "Lucky Dog" Poopus

Wait...where is everybody?

Oh, there we go!

Wait...first show canceled...

...and the second show canceled

Just kidding...!!!

Dave "Face #1"

Dave "Face #2"

Dave "Face #3"

Dave "Face #4"
A beautiful fall day having so much fun at Knoebels' Amusement Resort

Mmmm... perfect selfie

Watch it... Photobombers!

Blondie likes ice cream

Two music teachers critiquing the band... LOL

Having fun on stage...??


These two pictures...

...go together!

And there it is...!!

What's going on here?

The "Duel" is on!

Dave just swallowed a bug!

Terry has taken 45,000+ pictures for Lucky Afternoon over the many years   THANK YOU TERRY! 
Your action shots and creativity continues to amaze!

Wait!  It looks like dancers...

...and a few more

...and more

...and then a lot!

Four wonderful loving friends lending a hand at the end of a LONG DAY in the middle of Lucky Afternoon's four straight day's of shows... THANK YOU Glen, Tracey, "Biv", and Terry!!
We love you all!
(Tracey, you continue to be an inspiration to all of us!)
THANK YOU Knoebels Amusement Resort

Family, Friends, and Fans for your Love and Support!! YOU keep us going!!!







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