A BIG Crowd @ the Milton Moose!!

A GREAT NIGHT of "Rockin" with Friends, Fans, Followers...
We'll be back at the Milton Moose Dec. 31st for NYE

Purchase and pickup your tickets at the Milton Moose (570) 742-7141 Price includes:

Hot Dogs, Sauerkraut, Snack Food, and Champagne for the midnight 2018 toast!


Tim is a rockin'

Well, hello there young man!

After SO MANY years drumming, Schrampie can only use his hands to play drums.  Notice how he needs Stick to help him eat birthday cake...

And speaking of birthday cakes, here's one....

...and four birthdays!  Happy "Lucky Afternoon" Birthday to:

Junior, Tina, Peggy, and Tarzan Bob

The gamblers

The bar was hoppin' too!

Everyone thinks it's this....

...but it's actually this!

Now you see it...

...and now you don't (the beer that is).

A busy bartender

Stick and Tim Rockin'

...and there it is!
Many, many thanks for those who helped the band out tonight with unloading, setting up, tearing down, and loading the band trailer back up! 

Aubyn & Mark, Becky, Linda, and Will

Aubyn and Mark are good young men  and college seniors who will be doing their student teaching this semester
(thanks for saving out backs guys and good luck!)

Becky is our ehhh  and LONG TIME roadie... LOL

Will and Linda are Moose officers who always give us a warm welcome and a helping hand at the Milton Moose... and thanks for the extra pictures Will

Get your NYE tickets at the Milton Moose before they're sold out!

Again, a sincere THANK YOU for ALL OF YOU who came out to support the Lucky Afternoon Band.







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