Milton VFW - New Years Party

A Big Crowd to welcome in 2017!!
Thank You Everyone!
Something a little different..... There never is enough time for Dave to get around to take everyone's picture (as we always do) before break is over. So for this NYE show, we just took crowd and band pics... and had a WONDERFUL time playing for YOU!
Congratulations long-time Lucky Afternoon Band member Dave Schrampie on his retirement....  No, no, no... he's not retiring from Lucky Afternoon... he's retiring from his job and grabbing some of that Social Security retirement!

And there it is... #1

And there it is... #2

Let's keep this show PG-13 rated

Getting ready for the big show!

"I will give my dad a key"

Lucky Afternoon sings "Happy Birthday" to Vonnie

Dough is hangin' in there!

Do I really look like the "Tin Man?"
"Biv" (aka Viv), Terry, Becky, Will & Linda

We can't thank these folks enough for all the help unloading, setting up, tearing down, loading up, and all the little things they have done for us over the years... 

In addition, Terry and Will have taken SO many great pictures for the band. 

We truly are appreciative of your help and friendship!

Also a shout out to Glen & Tracey Buddha for all the help over the years too... they had to work at their REAL jobs this evening!!


"Lemme hear ya"

Thank You Everyone!!!
We appreciate all your support over our 20 years -
The band
wishes everyone of you a happy and healthy 2017!!  Keep an eye on our schedule! CYA soon!







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