St. Patrick's Day Celebration
A "BIG" Crowd having a GREAT time @ Montoursville Legion!
We THANK YOU - friends, fans, and followers...!!!

The Lucky Afternoon Band followers continue to grow!

Not only was the dance floor busy... so was the bar!

The reason there is an American Legion

This small table occupies a place of dignity and honor symbolizing members of our armed forces who are missing referred to POWs and MIAs.  They are not with their loved ones and families tonight so we offer this table as a tribute to our missing "Comrades"

The kitchen was open....

...and the food was great as always!

And there it is...

No Bat Bites this evening!!!  (LOL)

Happy Birthday to Louise...

...and another birthday celebration for Erin!

The dance floor was a hoppin'...

... and so was the bar!!

We love our drummer Schrampie

Alan and Lori met 40 years ago tonight; St. Patrick's Day

Christmas Card Pat /w her daughter Candy from California

Thanks Barb & Hulk (check out the sign in the back!!)

Sue with Christmas Card Pat

Carrying On On-Stage!!

Don't ask...

Thanks Tracey Buddha and Glen Buddha...

Again, THANK YOU everyone...and
Happy St. Patrick's Day




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