Muncy Legion - A Full House!

The Dance Floor Was Hoppin' All Night Long...!!!

THANK YOU all for your unbelievable support for the Lucky Afternoon Band!!!

We'll be back again at the Muncy Legion on:

January, 20th 2018

The real heroes!!!

This small table occupies a place of dignity and honor symbolizing members of our armed forces who are missing referred to POWs and MIAs.  They are not with their loved ones and families tonight so we offer this table as a tribute to our missing "Comrades"

May she always fly high!

A beautiful American Legion

The "Ceremonial" Sue, Angie, Tammy, and Dave pic!

No wonder the food tastes so good... Deb does a great job and for a 20% tip, she'll personally feed you pickled eggs!  Thx Deb!

From the moment we struck the first chord...

...the dance floor took off!

Our old drunken squid teaching her bad habits...
to a young drunken squid!

And there it is...!!!

It's Mrs. Santa Claus!

Happy Birthday...Gloria, Sue Squid, Daryl, Linn, and Craig
May you have MANY, MANY "Lucky Afternoons!"

Stick is our band clown!

Love that chin!

Raffle time... good luck everybody!

Ami Joe & Philip are official arm pit testers!
They said, "Dave needs a new deodorant." 

Super busy bar...

...and these ladies did a great job!

(Thanks for the great pics Jesse F)

It's all serious on stage... no kidding or joking around!!!

The finale!

Thanks Becky for all the tearing down and roadie help!

Thank You Muncy American Legion and everyone who came out to party and dance! We'll see you again real soon on:
January, 20th 2018

From the Lucky Afternoon Band:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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