Muncy Legion - Great Crowd!

The Dance Floor Was Hoppin' All Night...!!!

THANK YOU all for your unbelievable support for the Lucky Afternoon Band!!!
We'll be back here at the Muncy Legion on:
 (Wednesday) Nov. 22nd for a Thanksgiving Eve Show! 
Before the big Turkey meal, take your family and friends out the night before for a "Lucky Night!"


The real heroes!!!

This small table occupies a place of dignity and honor symbolizing members of our armed forces who are missing referred to POWs and MIAs.  They are not with their loved ones and families tonight so we offer this table as a tribute to our missing "Comrades"

May she always fly high!

The "Ceremonial" Angie, Dave, Tammy, and Sue pic!

A beautiful American Legion

A beautiful rainbow on our way into Muncy Valley


Dave needs his binky...

Mr. Showman!

There is a "Red Lobster" behind us!!

Great service at the bar with a friendly smile!
(Can I tip you?)

Why is the food so good... Here's the reason!

Dave mixes it up with the crowd

Happy Birthday to a long-time Lucky Afternoon fan
and friend, Sue Keifer
Thank You Muncy American Legion and everyone who came out to party and dance!  We'll be back at the Muncy American Legion on November, 22nd (Thanksgiving Eve Party)

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