A Full House at the...Muncy Valley Moose!!
WOW... Thank you "Lucky friends and fans" for filling up the venue tonight!!  
We are grateful and appreciative of ALL OF YOU!

Coming down into the Muncy Valley

Yup, we're here tonight!

God bless her and may we always honor our country

A beautiful lodge with an attached restaurant

Let's chow down before the show with friends!

Great food?  Check it out!

The peanut butter pie went quick!

Greg brought "Frick and Frack" to sit beside Dave's pedalboard

Here we go!

And there it is....

...and again, again, and again!!

"Biv" coolin' off

Our hero Tracey!!!

This is how you use your girlfriend as a pillow!  Haha

The Moose organization....

...is all about Mooseheart... all for the kids!

"Why you little..."


Gosh, our long-time friends and Lucky fans help us so much...

You save us time and our backs...

God bless Terry, Glen aka "Buddha", Tracey, "Biv", & Becky!!!

Thank you for ALL the help; unloading, setup, gophering, tearing down and loading up. 

Extra thanks: Pictures by Terry

Again, THANK YOU everyone who came out to enjoy... the Lucky Afternoon Band

We'll be back at the Muncy Valley Moose on...
December 2nd






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